Kapag wala ka nang masagot sa exam, isulat mo na lang ‘magmahal’ kasi kahit kailan hindi maling magmahal.

Hi, I’m MNPM and this is the story of my life and all its¬†kasawian.¬†Hahaha. This blog of mine has been mostly of sorrows and sad what-nots. I revived my blog for the nth time and this is another “I-haven’t-posted-in-so-long” posts. I’m not quite sure what my point is in writing this post. I guess I just missed writing and days of past in general. Aaannnyyywwwaaayyy, since this mostly a personal blog anyway with a few followers, I’d post my heart away.

There is music amidst the noise
But there is no peace
The sun shines again
Only after a little rain has fallen
Making me aware
Of the wounds that never healed
And that they have yet to turn into scars
I bask in the glory of solitude
Wanting only to close my eyes
For a minute, for an hour, forever.